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Coaching Staff

Mel has been involved with Flyers in a coaching role over many years and is an asset to the Geelong Netball Club as both a player and coach. She brings a wealth of knowledge in current training regimes and game tactics.

Her role as a Collingwood Training Partner and participation in elite competitions such as VNL & ANL provides our players with an excellent role model who brings a passion and excitement to the program.

As a Cougars Championship player Mel will be in constant contact with the Cougars Coaching Group and S&C Coach. Working in this role allows Mel to ensure a strong link between both Cougars and Flyers thereby ensuring consistency in training techniques, expectations and talent identification.

Whilst providing the players elite tactical coaching Mel will also be continually developing her own skills working under the Cougars Coaching Group, undertaking various coaching courses specific to the needs of young players and mentoring through the Coach & Umpire Development division of Netball Victoria.

Melissa Bragg
Co-Coach Team 1

Prue is another passionate netballer with a focus on developing young players. She has been coaching in our program for three years and continues to enhance the professionalism and delivery of individual coaching for each and every squad member.

She has spent time at Leopold and at Drysdale acquiring valuable knowledge in relation to all aspects of the game of netball. She also actively involves herself with the Cougars Coaching Group to further develop her skills to contribute to the development of the young players in our program.

Prue brings a mature and measured intelligence to the coaching group and is able to communicate on an individual level with players that is both productive and valued.

Prue Laws
Co-Coach Team 1

As a past Flyers player and 19&U’s Cougars player Georgia is another one passionate about the development of the younger players and has come on board this year to develop her coaching skills.

Playing netball at club level, both BFL and GFL rep teams and Barwon, together with her Flyers and current Cougar’s playing experience provides Georgia with the understanding of the commitment and determination needed to navigate the netball pathway. She is keen to support other players in their netball goals and admires the passion among our young squad members.

We see huge potential in the coaching pathway for Georgia and with the mentoring provided by the other coaches within the group along with Tracy Dunstan we are excited to see her confidence and knowledge grow in 2019.

Georgia Ryan

17 & Under Coach

New to the program for 2022, Jacqui also brings a wealth of experience in coaching. In a refreshing turn, Jacqui approached the Geelong Netball Club looking for a position to further develop her coaching expertise.  Rather than hunting down coaches it was exciting to see someone with the motivation and drive to seek out the opportunities that the club offers. Jacqui has been coaching both senior and junior netball since 2008 at Newcomb Power, St Joseph’s Football Netball Club and now at Otway Districts Football Netball Club. She also completed her Intermediate Coaching accreditation in 2021. In addition, Jacqui is an experienced umpire having been a GFL panel umpire, mentor and co-ordinator.

Jackie Dignan


Another new coach to our program in 2022, Taryn’s passion for netball and the development of young players is evident from the moment you meet her. Coaching and playing from a young age, Taryn describes herself as ‘a netball tragic’. Having played and coached as a junior at Portarlington, she is now Co-Junior Coaching Coordinator at Ocean Grove. Taryn is also a C Badged umpire and mentor for trainee umpires. Her ability to take up tasks and verbalise her instructions and opinions from the get-go has the senior coaches excited as to her future in the program.  

Taryn Laverty


This year we welcome Tyra back to Flyers. From juniors at South Barwon through GFL representative, Barwon representative and Flyers player to Cougar’s training partner in 2018 Tyra has returned to develop her skills as a coach. Her love for netball and the experience gained in coaching at club level has inspired her to commit to the Flyers Program where she will have the opportunity to be mentored by our excellent coaching group.

She is passionate about helping every girl in the program reach their goals, great and small, and assisting them in becoming the netballer’s they want to be.

During Tyra’s participation in the program as a player she showed exceptional leadership, intelligence, empathy for others and commitment. We have no doubt that she will bring this to her coaching role and are looking forward to her contribution moving forward.

Tyra Fallon

Coach Training Partner

We have been exceptionally fortunate this year to welcome Katrina Daws to our coaching squad. Katrina has a long successful history in coaching within the region, more recently at St Mary’s where she was invested in developing the junior program. The results have reflected her passion and skill set in working with young players and supporting them to constantly challenge their capabilities. 

Her measured thinking, teaching skills and bright personality are an excellent fit with our young group of training partners. In addition her contribution to the coaching group has been welcomed, bringing a balance to the overall group of maturity, youth, expertise, difference of opinions and most importantly that collaborative approach which creates a working environment most apt for the development of the squad and the individual. 

Katrina Daws 

Coach Training Partner